Gluten-free-friendly blog

I'm told this tasty-looking bread is gluten free

I’m told this tasty-looking bread is gluten free

My friend Joanne has started a cool new blog Call Me Gluten Free. The subject matter seems pretty clear. I don’t know much about gluten-free cooking or eating, but the food looks great and she’s an entertaining writer. If you are in the gluten avoidance set, please check it out!

And everyone could probably benefit from this post, Cooking for Gluten Free Guests.

Insurance is a joke – Jack’s hospital bill

Monmouth Medical Center

Where my babies and their invoices were born

So here I am again, in the middle of a medical insurance debacle featuring Obamacare, Horizon, and Monmouth Medical Center. Things haven’t played out to the bitter end yet, but I’m fairly certain I know how this one is going to go. I will be more than happy to post a retraction if Horizon or Monmouth Medical comes through in the end. Please, read on for a (hopefully entertaining) real-life anecdote in today’s insurance landscape. Continue reading