Insurance is a joke – Jack’s hospital bill

Monmouth Medical Center

Where my babies and their invoices were born

So here I am again, in the middle of a medical insurance debacle featuring Obamacare, Horizon, and Monmouth Medical Center. Things haven’t played out to the bitter end yet, but I’m fairly certain I know how this one is going to go. I will be more than happy to post a retraction if Horizon or Monmouth Medical comes through in the end. Please, read on for a (hopefully entertaining) real-life anecdote in today’s insurance landscape. Continue reading

Should have kept my mouth shut

Jack sleeping in bed

Yes, Laugh. Everything is perfect

Yesterday I was foolish enough to blog about how great things are going at night, after a bit of a rocky start. Last night I was reminded why it’s a terrible idea to tell everyone how great my children are sleeping.

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