Goodbye, Little Mew


My cat, Stash, died this morning in the middle of the daily bustle to get Hugo and Daddy out the door. She was 14. She lived with me through my young adulthood, divorce, remarriage and motherhood. She was a good mew through it all.

Stash reduced her expectations of me when I became a mom. I lost a lot of the patience I used to have for her with the overwhelming responsibility of caring for a child. But she didn’t complain, other than uttering the occasional “Merf.” She learned to approach my husband when she wanted attention.

I think she was happiest when she could roam throughout a house in search of sun puddles. Stash lived with me in six different places! She was almost always gentle and generally followed the few rules of the house that applied to cats. I had a much bigger blog post written, but the whole thing got deleted when I hit the backspace key. I’ll take that as a sign to keep it short.

My friend made this Egyptian cat sendoff, which is on sale here. I can’t think of anything more appropriate.

May your soul live on for millions of years, resting in a sun-puddle with a full belly, facing the north wind with your eyes beholding happiness.” Long live Stash.

The Beloved Meows

Hang in there, Jack

Jack 13 months

Jack has a tooth coming in up top (#5). It seems to be giving him a lot of trouble. He was up for over an hour in the middle of the night twice last week, which never happens. Yesterday, he was whining and pulling at my legs right after nursing, so I lead him into the kitchen and offered a banana. Catching sight of the fruit, he launched sideways across the room, smacking the cabinet head-first. Maybe the tripping over everything and nothing is growth-spurt related, because that’s also happening a lot now. Jack’s vocabulary has also increased by leaps and bounds this week. As of yesterday, it includes cookie, since he got one when he asked for it by name. This is a big month for him. Hang in there, buddy!