Are you mice, or men? 

I have this whole post on bullying planned out, then something happened when I picked up Hugo from aftercare today.

Hugo is in kindergarten, and seems sensitive to being smaller than the big kids. I was late and he was the last kid  there. I ran in with Jack in my arms to find Hugo sitting with four ladies who supervise the aftercare kids. I found out today that they adore him, so that’s a load of my mind. I always want the people I entrust with my children with to love  them like I do. 

One of the ladies pointed to Hugo’s pants and I assumed he’d had an accident. But it was mud. 

“Three boys pushed Hugo into the mud, ” she said, but no one seemed concerned. One prompted him by saying they’d spoken about making good choices and not challenging other boys when they got aggressive. 

“But what did you say to the boys before they pushed you in the mud?” 

Hugo replied “I said.. Are you mice, or men?” 

We all cracked up while he stood there perfectly straight – faced. He then admitted that he wanted to wrestle them all in the mud. So no harm done. 

I don’t know whether I’m more curious about where he heard that our how the older boys knew to be insulted 😄


Adulting on the weekend


I usually shake my head when people talk about how hard “adulting” is. That ship sailed for me a long time ago. When did I spend my time doing what I wanted without layers upon layers of responsibility, not to mention actual people who depend on me for basic necessities? First of all, this meme is awesome. And it turns out that there are some things about being an adult (and mom) that still puzzle me. Continue reading

Lessons learned in maternity leave and finally loving my job again

My desk and windows

Sun-drenched workstation, anyone?

I have two sons aged 5 and 2. I read something recently about short or long term income losses to moms surrounding the birth of their children and that was certainly the case with me. Everyone has to make many choices regarding babies and careers (timing, how long to stay home, child care, etc.) and the internet can’t tell you what’s the best path for  you – though I tried hard to find the definitive answer for me when I was pregnant with Hugo. My career arc made some serious loop de loops in the past 5 years, but I am happy to report that I am finally in a good place again. Continue reading