Mr. Go on the move

Hugo ponders the barrier

We moved this week, about 10 miles east to a cute, sunny duplex in the Highlands. The last time we moved I was eight months pregnant and I thought that was hard. This time, it’s been eight months since I gave birth to Mr. Go. What a different experience!

Last year, I was only able to take a couple of days off of work. I had no energy to pack when I got home and waddled up the stairs to our apartment. My husband ended up doing all the packing and unpacking when we moved only a week before my baby shower when several relatives were coming to visit.

This time, I had plenty of energy and very little opportunity. It was a bit frustrating to be able to see what I want to do and then the reality of having a cruising Hugo set in and it all got put off. I was starting to panic a bit when it seemed like nothing was getting done all the way up to the Friday before moving Monday. Very, very lucky for us, my mom came to stay with us and help. She lives in Scottsdale and I always enjoy the alternate reality of child rearing when she comes to visit!

Hugo’s not too receptive about other people taking care of him. He protests if anyone who isn’t me tries to put him down for a nap or the night and has a dose of separation anxiety as well. My mom was undaunted this time and she and Hugo are now special friends. That makes me so happy. We alternated packing and Go duty.

It was pretty close – let’s just say I was glad the movers arrived at 9:15 instead of 8:00 Monday morning. It all went smoothly, even when Hugo needed to eat lunch on the coffee table since that was the only furniture left.

He was so good. He had to ride back and forth between the houses a few times and didn’t melt down once. While my father and husband worked on cutting up the box spring so that it would fit upstairs, my mom and I managed to go back to the house to take stuff bound for storage down from the attic for a half hour while he napped in his car seat. Hugo woke up just in time – my back had had enough.

There’s no room in the new place for baby jail. It’s been interesting trying to make safe places for Hugo to play. There is too much furniture in here right now. We need to do some rearranging that includes moving one of the couches out to the porch. It’s been easy for Hugo to cruise from piece to piece, but he also whacked his head several times trying to navigate.

Rick’s working at the coffee table instead of a desk, which is irresistible to Mr. Go. He grabs remotes, papers, wires, anything he can reach. I caught him scaling a barrier I put up today by standing on a cube shaped toy and climbing onto the coffee table. Boxes of books make great baby barriers. He did walk yesterday – I am so proud! He took several steps a few times but today was back to tentative cruising.

I don’t know if it’s the novelty, but so far Hugo has been so cooperative about coming to the laundromat with me. We’ve been there three times this week as I get acclimated to the logistics of walking over to the corner with Hugo, clothes and detergent.

We’ve been able to bring Hugo to the little beach two blocks away most days. He loves kicking his feet in the waves and I love to see the look of joy on his face. I feel very lucky.

Even with plenty of energy, I haven’t been able to do much after Hugo’s in bed for the night. His bedtime is later now – around 8:00. After eating dinner and cleaning up I’m ready for bed myself. We’ve been here almost a week and Hugo’s been on a 3 nap schedule. He wasn’t sleeping too well before the move and now his naps are short and he wakes up completely in the middle of the night most nights. I know it will pass, just hope it’s soon!


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