Separation anxiety and teething! Welcome to 10 months

Contemplative Go

You're not going to leave, are you?

Ten months of Go! Is this setback month?

I think I’m completely over my obsession about Hugo’s sleep, but then I seem to write about it again and again. I haven’t changed my philosophy about co-sleeping (yes), night nursing (Mom on tap) or crying it out (no), but we seem to be experiencing a slight hiccup in the formerly peaceful night’s sleep for Mommy and Hugo.

Every time Hugo has a decent night, I quickly rewrite history in my mind, choosing to forget about the times when he woke up every hour or two. We just had two good nights, so I will chalk up the bad ones to some tough teething and a reaction to the vaccines he got last week.


Hugo is adept at walking, and beginning to branch out to climbing, but he has only two teeth. In spite of this, it seems that his gums hurt him terribly every day. He often sticks his fingers in the back of his mouth where his molars will be. I got him a Baltic amber necklace in the hopes that I could stop giving him ibuprofen. It did work, somewhat, but we had to go back to ibuprofen after a week or so. It looks really cute on him, though.

Hugo showing his teeth

Here are my teeth!

Separation Anxiety

Nothing makes Hugo crumple into tears quicker than the words “Mommy has to pee. I’ll be right back.” It’s not just me, but I am number one. Mr. Go cries when Daddy takes out the garbage, even when Grandma B (my mom) left the room for a minute. She was pleased about that! Last week when I went to philosophy class, my husband took Hugo for a walk at the same time I was leaving. That was a tip I read on Baby Center. They also recommend never sneaking out, but saying bye, bye and explaining where you’re going and when you’re coming back. They say if you sneak out, your child can become more anxious by never knowing when you may disappear. Also, this phase can pass quickly or last until he is three. Three?

He just started hugging my legs fiercely when he wants to be picked up. I can’t help but melt! Who wouldn’t want to hug that little guy all day? It’s going by so quickly, but it just gets better.

Like most babies, Mr. Go thinks he can dance. Here he is rocking out to the Backyardigans.


3 thoughts on “Separation anxiety and teething! Welcome to 10 months

  1. I love my Inspired by Finn amber! We sure couldn’t live without it! My boys constantly have their necklaces on (unless bathing). If they seem to need a little extra relief we use the Hylands teething tablets rather than ibuprofen or tylenol. Between the necklaces and the teething tablets, it really helps them sleep better. Hope it helps you too!


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