Weaning by Go – Why isn’t this bothering my son?

Maybe this guy wants to nurse

Hugo’s ten and a half months old, and is cutting back on breastfeeding. I can’t believe how early this is happening! I planned on nursing well into the second year and following Hugo’s lead in weaning as he gradually loses interest.

Several times in the past couple of months, he’s been too busy during the day to stop and nurse, but made up for it later during quiet time or when he was going to sleep. Yesterday, something new happened.

My boobs have been uncomfortably full a few times this week since Mr. Go suddenly decided he wants to eat breakfast (he points to a box of cereal and makes the ASL sign for “more”).

Yesterday, I picked him up and sat down to offer him a feeding. He cried and squirmed and jumped down. I pulled my shirt up just so there was no confusion. He laughed and grabbed his “baby” (my Cabbage Patch Kid Preemie from 1985) and handed him to me, as if to suggest that I nurse the baby instead. I get the feeling that weaning isn’t going to happen the way that I expect!

One thought on “Weaning by Go – Why isn’t this bothering my son?

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