Happy birthday, little one

Dear Hugo,

This year has been unlike anything I ever imagined when your daddy and I dreamed of having a baby. Thank you for teaching me patience, and helping me learn to keep my attention outside of myself. You really are my little symbiot. A friend told me that when you have a child your heart starts beating outside of your body and that’s just what it felt like.

I was so proud of you when you ran up to that boy on the playground and gave him a hug! You’re a lover and so far very good at sharing! Thank you for starting to walk when you were 8 months old so I wouldn’t be so sad that you are now technically a “toddler” instead of an infant.

You are generous, friendly, outgoing and always ready to say “hi!” to everyone you see. I’m grateful for every moment we spend together. Thank you for letting me share in your journey.

Love always,

Mommy (aka “Daiee!”)

Birthday Go


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