Conversations and prayer with Go

Hugo is changing a lot faster than I can blog. I spent some time looking over my own baby book that was lovingly and conscientiously completed by my mother. I was also inspired by my favorite mommy blog, Crappy Pictures.  This blog, along with iPhoto, some disorganized Facebook posts and tweets, is Hugo’s baby book. So I will make a concerted effort to post more often!

He repeats whatever we say, but he knows what it means and remembers. His new words today included bike and crocs. I am most impressed with the adverbs in his vocabulary because it seems unusual for early words. “Back” has been one of his favorites for months. As in “put it back.” He also likes the word “tight.” Hugo started learning words like crazy just after the new year, so at 12 1/2 months.

First conversation

Our first ever conversation was in early January. He has a fascination with dinosaurs since visiting his cousin who had a large, interactive toy T Rex. Hugo was drawn to it but very afraid. He couldn’t leave it alone but would run in fear when it came to life. There is a ride-on dinosaur at a park near our home. He is a purple T Rex with big teeth. Hugo had to see it then hid his face in fear, and that was what he told me and his daddy at bath time that night.

Here’s how it went: “Hugo, did you see the dinosaur today?” I asked. “Roawrrr!” he answered. Then, “Deeee!” (Dee was originally Hugo’s word for “kitty,” which evolved into any animal [or sometimes baby] that he loves and wants to pet and hug). “Did you like that dinosaur?” I asked for clarification. “Deee! Roawrrr!” and so on. Since then, I notice that Hugo understands when I relay events to his father or another adult and he’ll chime in with the words he knows.

Baby prayers

My husband and I are spiritual people who hope to raise our son to be in touch with God – of course I hope he believes what I believe and holds similar values. We hold hands and say grace before dinner each night. Dinner’s often later than optimal for Hugo to accommodate my husband’s commute, errands, cooking time, etc. He is often short on patience by then and can make dinner challenging. Lots of “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” grabbing my arm with food-covered hands and asking for various things, culminating with all of his food being thrown on the floor. Last week I had *just* sat down and he started pulling on my sleeve and calling me. I was about to feel irritated when he reached out and took my hand so we could say grace.

I guess parenting does have a lot to do with being an example. We can’t expect our son to have qualities or habits that we don’t model. It’s hard to capture these moments on video or in photos, but here he is paying it forward by changing his baby’s diaper.



2 thoughts on “Conversations and prayer with Go

  1. This is a beautiful baby book! The dinosaur story reminds me of how Hugo would walk down the hall at Christmas to Connor’s room while growling all the way since he knew the dinosaur was there. There was definitely fear, but he just couldn’t stay away. I just love that little guy.


  2. Love your stories! If you want to write more and don’t get to blog as much as you want, write it on paper. I have a clipboard (it’s my journal, too–with different pages) that is near us most of the day. When Belle says or does something noteworthy, I try to write it right away. At the very least I make a couple notes before bed so I can add details the next day. Also, for words, you might want to get a blank calendar and write his new words on each day’s box. It’s cool to look at the patterns later. I know I’d never write as much as I want if I kept it to digital only. I know I can always scan the pages one day if I want. Good luck! And Hugo is lucky to have his early life documented. 🙂


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