Boob vs. Food Part 1 – Not Baba!

I have a lot to write about nursing a toddler, so this will be Part 1 of a series. I’m hoping to keep the posts short enough to be interesting. As a quick introduction, I love breastfeeding, and consider myself to be an advocate. My current plan is to continue nursing Hugo until age 2 then see how it goes.

I wrote about weaning when Hugo was 6 months old and again at 10 months when he was cutting back. The World Health Organization currently recommends breastfeeding up to age 2 “or beyond.” Anyway, there are times now when I look forward to weaning.

Hugo has a proprietary attitude about nursing and will help himself if he’s allowed. This afternoon when he asked for “Boob boob” I figured I’d try to give him a little cow’s milk instead (not weaning yet, just doing some exploratory limiting).

He hasn’t had cow’s milk often though he eats dairy. I held up the carton and asked if he wanted some milk. He said “OK!” I let him watch me pour some into a sippy cup.

Hugo took a sip, threw down the cup and said “Not baba!” Then “Boob, boob.” OK, that was clear. Maybe I’ll try offering it to him before he asks next time.

UPDATE: I think the milk is the issue. He was expecting breast milk in a bottle. The only cow’s milk he’s been interested in so far is the sugary, vanilla flavored kind.


6 thoughts on “Boob vs. Food Part 1 – Not Baba!

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