Mommy goes

Backpack for school

I wasn’t going to post a picture of him crying

I went back to work four days a week about a month ago. I haven’t been doing a great job of multi-tasking, so no blog posts until now. I love my job and I feel great while I’m at work, I love being with Hugo and Rick after work but the other things (cooking, cleaning, going out to do anything) kind of fell by the wayside.

We’re all getting used to the new routine now. I just brought up school (aka daycare) to Hugo to test the waters and prepare him for tomorrow morning. He started to cry and said “I want Mommy here!” So there’s still some Go resistance there. For the first two weeks, it was really difficult to bring Hugo to school.

Mr. Go goes to school Monday and Wednesday and his babysitter comes to our house Tuesday and Thursday. The teachers at the daycare seem to think he’s having a hard time adjusting because it’s “only” two days a week. It’s getting better. He generally cries when it’s time to go in the morning, peaking when I put him in the carseat and dwindling off as I hand him over to the early morning teacher, who he likes a lot. Last week, he was in good spirits when I picked him up and even told me about his day in a couple of sentences.

I’m glad he’s spending time in a school-like setting with other kids but it’s a long day for a little guy – over nine hours. He naps well and snacks and eats his lunch and finally felt comfortable enough to poop there last week. He’s learning new songs and doing crafts and hopefully learning how to play well with other kids (lately he seems to want to push anyone who appears to be close to his own age but they haven’t mentioned that at daycare).

I get a little written report from the teacher every day stating what Hugo ate, when he slept and how many times his diaper was changed. Every day I either get a note or hear from the late afternoon caregiver that he “was much better today! Hugo barely cried at all!” So I wonder whether they were being completely honest every day prior to this one?

When I picked Hugo up from his second day of school, he ran to me sniffing and crying and threw himself in my arms. He held on tight for a few minutes then as we were leaving he looked at me and said “Mommy goes.” I said “Yes, sweetheart, but Mommy comes back after work.”

Secondary effects

In case you’re wondering how my new job is affecting our weaning schedule, Hugo seems pretty laid back about it. He was very eager to nurse when I got home from work at first as a way to reconnect and calm down but just last week he was so happy after school (and not hungry) that he forgot to ask for over an hour after we got home. I had thought that I could pump at work around his nap time so he could have milk when he went down for his nap but I wasn’t very successful and he didn’t want the bottle.

Nights have been pretty peaceful. He may be a little more clingy than before but nothing that affects my sleep schedule. He wakes to come into our bed around 11:30 instead of 1:30 but isn’t nursing much overnight. Illness and teething affect him more –  we’re on our second consecutive cold and he’s cut two lower teeth this past week and is working on his third molar. All in a day’s work for Mr. Go.


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