Potty milestones

Hugo is just about 23 months old and purposefully peed in his potty for the first time last night. It’s been about 18 months since his first brush with toilet training, if you can call it that.

Some of my friends were successful with elimination communication (EC) and had their babies (all girls) out of diapers well before their second birthday. I decided to give it a try when Hugo was five or six months old. I would sit him on the potty when I thought he was going to poop. He was easygoing about it (no pun intended) and there was a time when nearly all of his poops happened on the potty.

We moved when he was just starting to walk and that was the end of the potty. He still liked to play with it but did not want to sit on it naked. As his vocabulary grew, Hugo would make his feelings clear. “Do you want to poop (pee) on the potty?” Mommy would ask. “Not potty!” would be the reply.

New motivation

I try to give Hugo some diaper-free time so he can dry out, hang loose, whatever. I hoped he would notice the connection between the feeling of having a full bladder, the feeling of peeing and what actually happens. The thing is, he’s become much more interested in having access to all of his parts lately (I was going to speak more plainly about this, but is that really fair to Mr. Go?). Perhaps it was this new motivation to lose the diaper for good (as his dad explained to him) that led to his new, timely interest in the potty.

Last night when I was getting Hugo ready for bed, I undressed him as he was standing in the middle of the room because he won’t lie still on the changing table. I asked him if he wanted to pee on the potty. “Alright,” Hugo answered. He flipped up the lid, half sat, half squatted and pushed! He gets it. I hope for a repeat performance soon but I’m not forcing the issue just yet. That seems to be the theme of the parenting lesson I keep learning.


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