Boob vs. Food Part 2 – NOT weaning

Mr. Go is turning 2

Mr. Go is turning 2

I talked about going back to work outside of the home a few months ago and how much I love it. I do! It’s really surprised me how much I enjoy it and how much brighter my general mood is. It helps that I have a ridiculously easy commute (seven miles down back roads that I learned to drive on, since I grew up around the corner from here) and I work with awesome people doing something I love (I know, I’m gloating). It is just contract work, though, so I have to be always on my best behavior. I get rehired four weeks at a time.

So how has this impacted Hugo’s breastfeeding? We’re not in any hurry to wean. I felt differently over the summer when we were together all the time. Hugo’s settled into the new routine along with the rest of us. He enjoys school and the days spent with his babysitter. He is always hungry and thirsty when we get home but isn’t as desperate to nurse and reconnect with me as he was in the beginning.

It’s still generally the first thing we do after taking off coats etc. He will ask plainly, “Want to lie down couch. Want boob boobs.” After a certain amount of time, I come up with an incentive for him to let me get up. It may involve Thomas or his beloved engine driver Mr. Perkins, or perhaps some cheddar bunnies. I employ similar tactics when we get up in the morning.

He nurses about four times on a typical work day, with about two or three additional sessions when I’m home. Whether I’m influenced by being away from Hugo during the day or not, I feel no pressure to rush him into weaning. It’s working for us now.

I’m also trying to lose some weight, and breastfeeding burns lots of calories! I’m down more than 10 pounds and back in my skinniest pants. Win-win.


5 thoughts on “Boob vs. Food Part 2 – NOT weaning

  1. I know this was a while back…are things still the same in reference to b/f’ing? I am wondering how it could look for us when our son is that age. I love what you said Hugo says about boob boobs! 😀


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