Toddler nap FAIL

Hugo standing on his bed

Not sleeping!

Nothing about parenting consistently frustrates me more than the nap fail. Sleepy child at the right time of day, after the right amount of activity, and the right amount of food – invest 20 minutes or more in nursing and rocking and BAM! He’s wide awake. I just wasted all that time, and have to face being denied that precious productive period that happens during a nap.

Yesterday, I worked from home with Hugo for the first time ever. He’s so good about playing by himself with his trains or watching his shows on Netflix, that I thought everything would go smoothly. I kept his schedule as close as I could to the one he follows at school, and took him into his room for a nap around 1:00.

To be honest, I know he was tired at 11:00 am. But that was way too early, I thought. So I crammed myself next to Hugo in his big boy bed and patted his back while he nursed. I started to doze off (as usual) when Hugo said, “Mommy!”

“Yes, Bunch?” I asked, waking up and clenching my teeth at the bright eyed look Hugo was giving me.

“I saw a cow! And a sheep,” he said, just like his very first story last summer.

“Honey, you need to go to sleep,” I answered, after he told me the above-referenced livestock were out in the living room. He laid back down for a few minutes, then I hear

“Mommy! Sometimes…”

“Yes, Hugo?”

“Sometimes, Daddy goes to the store! And then he comes home.” All true, how could I be mad? He ended up crashing on the couch at 3:30 – the first time he ever fell asleep by himself at home.


8 thoughts on “Toddler nap FAIL

  1. “Sometimes, Daddy goes to the store! And then he comes home.” Aww, haha!! It’s so hard because you want to be legitimately bothered but you just can’t – not with sweet, little truths coming out of their mouths! 😀 It gets better. xx But first, it’ll probably get worse… 😉


  2. It is so frustrating when nap time doesn’t happen for as long as you want, or as soon as you want, or, heaven forbid at all! But it’s hard to be mad at sweet little faces who love unconditionally. 😀


  3. Wow! Are you sure you’re not talking about my son at that age? 🙂 As frustrating as it may seem, the good news is they DO grow out of it. My son is now 10, and the other day I found myself missing those naptime “battles” ! So, live every moment, love every moment. These days will fly by all too quickly!


      • My son doesn’t take naps at age ten. We stopped the naptimes at age 8. Even that is pretty old according to some, but if he needs it….. He never did like to go to bed at night-still doesn’t. But, as time went on, the ‘battles’ were less and less. By the way, I’m not Amanda! 🙂 I’ve been to her blog, though. My name is Joy. I also go by Pinulotta, that was my Daddy’s nickname for me as a child! God bless!


  4. Joy, I am so sorry. I thought I got your name from your blog. I’m so against Hugo having a TV in his room but I could see how that would make it easier later on. He stays up pretty late. God bless you, as well.


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