Eerie Toddler ESP


There was some weird stuff happening at Cafe Go this week. I think all little kids (and maybe young adults) are more in tune to things we can’t know with our five senses but I have to wonder if my son has some special sort of “shine” about him.

I know this is going to be hard to explain, but here goes. The more recent event is easier than the first one. It almost seems like Hugo can read now because he’s so good at memorizing things we weren’t even aware that he’s been studying. These are mostly Thomas and Friends related videos, pamphlets, etc. He may be starting to recognize letters and words by sight but I don’t think so. He knows what letters are but can’t identify one from another. He knows this says “Thomas and Friends” and will point it out on his socks.

Thomas&Friends (TM) LogoThat’s not the weird part. Last night, Hugo was watching a Thomas and Friends movie for the fifth or sixth time and it was time to get ready for bed. I wanted to turn down the lights and start our bedtime routine of watching Thomas videos on Youtube instead of TV.  My husband was dying to listen to music as Hugo had watched a lot of TV that day.

Rick put on a live Grateful Dead show that showed a graphic on the TV along with the song title that was currently playing. I asked him to shut it off because it was bedtime, expecting Hugo to ask for more Thomas. But he said “I want Help on the Way!” – the song that was just playing.

“What did you just say?” I asked him. “I want Help on the Way,” he replied, even though he didn’t know that song and the lyrics aren’t intuitive. I refused to process it but had to face facts when my husband posted it on Twitter.


I didn’t know which song was playing, only his dad did.

The other incident is harder to explain and you may think I’m just acting crazy. My mother came to visit us this week from Arizona. She comes out every few months and Hugo loves her a lot. She called me last week from a toy store to ask which trains he already had so she wouldn’t duplicate them buying him a surprise gift for when she arrived. One of the trains she was looking at was Trackmaster Diesel but I talked her out of it because Diesel’s kind of a bad guy and there were other trains ahead of him on Hugo’s list. In fact, Hugo had never mentioned wanting Diesel before. And he didn’t overhear this conversation.

Five days later, Hugo and I arrive home from work and school and he starts saying, “I want Diesel in the box,” and looking for it. He knows his trains and usually knows about where they are, especially the new ones. As we didn’t understand his request  and he became frustrated, Hugo had the most epic tantrum ever. He wasn’t angry, but completely heartbroken. He kept running into the laundry room looking for “Diesel in the box.” I wasn’t angry, just puzzled. I held him as he sobbed after we tried to bring him boxes or pamphlets that may have had a picture of Diesel on them.

A couple of days went by and he brought it up again a few times but didn’t fall to pieces again. After my mom arrived, I realized that I knew what “Diesel in the box” was, because she had brought Hugo “Belle in the box,” a different train. Hugo likes to watch “unboxing” reviews of Thomas trains on Youtube. Here’s an example:

But we never watched one on Diesel and never saw Diesel in a toy store. Hugo picked up on the image so clearly that he thought he actually had the toy in his possession.

Is this level of eerieness normal? Has anything inexplicable every happened to your kids?

7 thoughts on “Eerie Toddler ESP

  1. Such a coincidence, I have a post that’s coming up on the same topic! But yes, I believe young children have some sort of ESP. Sounds strange, but they are able to pick up certain vibes that we can’t – most lose this ability by six….


  2. The same moment my husband passed away (2:15am of cancer), my 2 yr old woke up and was unconsolably mad and crying. My mom said it took 2 hours to calm her down. I was with my husband in a hospital 30 miles away. I don’t know which one of us she felt, but I’m sure she felt one of us.


      • Thank you. It has been almost 3 years now. I have not mentioned this to too many people, but I believe the struggle we faced together, made us incredibly in-tune to each other. Plus, the little ones simply feel so much more than us.


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