Overheard on Easter


We had a lovely time celebrating Easter with friends yesterday. Hugo mingled and played pretty nicely with the two other kids there (girls aged 3 and almost 4). It was a treat to listen to them talking since he hasn’t been able to converse for very long.

The highlight of the evening for me:

The girls put two dolls in a play stroller, attracting Go’s attention. He comes over and tries to take the stroller.

Go: “No! Mine! I want it.”

Four-year-old girl: Explains the concept of taking turns very graciously and tells Go he can have a turn in a few minutes.

Go: Throws himself on the carpet, rolls around crying in anger.

Four: Drawling with a slight Southern accent, “Look at him! Carrying on like he’s Jesus on the cross.”

Go: Sits up, gives a dirty look, “Yes. I am cross.”

Their timing was amazing. Sorry I don’t have a photo of them playing together. I hope you had a happy Easter!


8 thoughts on “Overheard on Easter

  1. Hilarious! Just the image of a 4 year old girl using the phrase “carrying on like he’s Jesus on the cross” is too funny! Not to mention Mr. Go’s reaction 🙂 And such a cute nickname for your son – Mr. Go! I love it!


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