Ill timed cold

Friday was my last day working at  my full time contract gig that I loved. It was such a busy week for me that I didn’t even have time to blog. Now I’m home, and Hugo is in school full time until the end of the month (because we prepay).

I should be deep cleaning! And organizing! And gardening! But I have a terrible cold. I feel weak and stupid during the day and just get wracked with coughs in the evening. I keep waiting to spring into action, but I’m probably sick from working so hard last week. Hugo had a slight cough with his pink eye last week, so I am hoping he already had this one.

Being home is disorienting. At least I am making lists and creating reminders with Siri’s help. Hopefully I’ll feel well enough to knock it all out soon.

Pretty flowers

My get-well-bouquet


13 thoughts on “Ill timed cold

  1. Get well soon!! On a separate note, I’m amazed that you actually do use Siri! I was very fascinated by it at the beginning but unfortunately I’m not using it as much as I should.


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