Taking a walk – not what I expected


It was a beautiful evening and I had eaten too much pizza. Rick suggested that we go for a walk and once I shook myself out of the pizza-induced haze, I thought it was a great idea. Hugo loves to go outside! He’s a joy to be with on walks around the block.

But Hugo has been a little dictator lately. I think some of it is backlash from my trip last weekend (I still need to write about!). It rained yesterday, and Hugo’s all time favorite puddle in the driveway was filled to the brim with irresistible muddy water. Well, I said it was irresistible. He glanced to see if I would freak out when he made a run for the puddle, and I did not. I was feeling magnanimous and he was wearing crocs. What the heck.

Happier times spent in his puddle

Happier times spent in his puddle

But then, Hugo threw a massive tantrum when he was told it was time to go for a walk. He did not want to leave his puddle. I eventually grabbed him and we started our walk quite shamefully with screaming Go. Our neighbor was having a party and many well-behaved (older) children were playing outside. Maybe it wasn’t a big deal, but he’s been so stubborn lately that I want him to get used to not getting his way! To do what’s best for his family even if it’s not what he feels like doing. You can’t always get what you want, Hugo. And you really need to learn how to roll with things.

He was soaking wet and muddy, so I too became soaking wet and muddy. He eventually calmed down and asked to walk. And after practically submerging himself in the puddle when we got home, his bath tantrum was hardly even epic.

9 thoughts on “Taking a walk – not what I expected

  1. That sounds like it was a productive walk. They definitely do have to learn that they can’t always get their way and we have to pick when we’re going to teach them that (choose you battles wisely!) I think that was great that you insisted that you tak ethe walk you had planned to.
    Samuel is none too happy sometimes that things aren’t as he’d like but he has to learn to roll with it, like you said. I am usually pretty good about knowing something is going to set him off and prepare myself emotionally/mentally for it, but sometimes he catches me off guard! 😛 Don’t get me wrong, he is usually a very happy and content kiddo but when he doesn’t want to go inside after playing, and things like that, things can get dramatic! 😉


    • It really has been an eye opener this week. He just starts screeching if things don’t go the way he wants them to. I would love to hear about any other child ever having unreasonable tantrums because this feels so awful.


      • I would say most little ones have their moments when they scream their head off because they’re not getting their way! 😉 It sure is challenging when you’re on the receiving end of the screams, though! 😛


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