How much do you think we saved…?

We went grocery shopping this afternoon as a family. I had a coupon for Pull Ups diapers and thought I’d give them a try since Hugo is showing a renewed interest in the potty. As Hugo and I looked at the character-printed diapers, I noticed my husband staring at the cans of formula across the aisle.

Wow it is really expensive

Wow it is really expensive

“What’s up?,” I asked him. He answered as if coming out of a daze, “How much do you think we saved…?,” meaning by not ever having to buy formula to feed Hugo. I have no idea. It looks really expensive, though!

But that reminded me of a blog I read earlier this week that claimed snippily that extended breastfeeding is only for the affluent. That made me first defensive (since we are most definitely not affluent) then sad. I was really fortunate to be able to stay home for most of my son’s first two years. It could easily have gone another way.

My panic at the thought of returning to work when Hugo was newborn was partially relieved by speaking with my boss who had two children. She had to go back to work when her first child was six weeks old, and he never learned to take a bottle. Her husband was home with him during the day. He fed him expressed breast milk by a syringe until she got home in the evening. Her son would latch on pretty much when she walked in the door and stay on until she left for work the next day. Her story still encourages me though I did end up staying home. I keep it in mind for future reference.


18 thoughts on “How much do you think we saved…?

  1. To answer your question: a lot!
    My firstborn was fully breastfed and she never took any formula. My younger child started on formula when he turned 18months and boy, is it expensive!


  2. Again a lot! I have been ebf for the last 9months. I also use cloth diapers. This too has saved us so much!
    We used pampers for a two weeks while on holiday it was shocking just how many i uaed and how much they cost.


    • Good point – I was too overwhelmed with my first to try cloth diapers but I plan to next time. I was thinking of trying the ones with flushable inserts first. They seem expensive as an initial investment though.


  3. Oh yes, formula is crazy expensive. Considering that I just hit 50 (combined) months of breastfeeding, when Samuel turned 20 months old a few weeks ago, I am sure we’ve saved a TON over the years!


  4. Yep, a heap of money! I wasnt able to breastfeed either of my two kids and we had formula from about 2 months of age until they both turned 1 (then cows milk). At $20-30 per tin which only lasted a week or so when they were older…its wasnt cheap! If you can, breastfeed for as long as possible!!


  5. I’ll never forget when I was pregnant I went to Lowes. The cashier mentioned my bump and told me she just had a baby 9 weeks prior!!! I was shocked that she had to return so quickly. She had to take care of her son with this job. You can pump all you like at work but nothing is better than the constant contact with your child to breastfeed.


  6. I can 100% say formula isn’t cheap! We were spending around AUD$40 a week on formula for the first 6 months of Lachlan’s life…sadly not by choice, I was home with him I just had no supply then bad milk when all my complications hit


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