It’s easier just to stay home


Summer’s here at the Jersey Shore! There’s so much going on in our community, even within walking distance. This weekend is River Fest in Red Bank, an outdoor jazz and food festival. On this beautiful, sunny day, we opted against River Fest and took Hugo to run around Flowering Field Farm, my dad’s farm, instead.

I didn’t want to worry about chasing Go through the crowds at the festival, watching him like a hawk to make sure he didn’t push or hit any other kids. Grabbing him to keep him safe from pedestrian traffic, cars, or falling in the river. Holding tight when he would inevitably melt down and throw a tantrum because I wasn’t allowing some dangerous or inappropriate behavior. I didn’t want to negotiate him into the stroller for the long walk on dangerously trafficked roads, then have to worry about how to get him back into the stroller when it was time to come home.

So we went to the farm, where he could see the goats, run around, play in dirt and stay safe. Yet he found a way to climb dangerously on the tractor his grandpa let him sit on, disrespect the property (and antiques) of my stepmom up in the flower workshop, and melt down when I put my foot down and said it’s time to go.

This is why we never go anywhere. Isn’t it just easier to stay at home?


11 thoughts on “It’s easier just to stay home

  1. You definitely have to take a child’s personality, stage of development, and mood into consideration when deciding where to go with them!! A farm sounds like a great place for a 2 year old to run around! Samuel loved petting and feeding goats at the renaissance festival last weekend. 😀


    • Goats seem to have a lot of patience! We got a breather last night when we visited our friends with a safe, enclosed back yard and Hugo played with their 3 year old daughter who he gets along with great.


  2. My middle son was a terror to take out so we rarely went anywhere. Now he’s older and it’s much easier. The youngest is laid back and does well on outings so we are finally doing things again! It definitely was much easier to stay home for us for those few years but I’m happy we are finally able to get out again!


  3. It’s true, you do spend those first few years in a cacoon, or rather, doing things appropriate for their age. Just as my son was turning four and getting much easier to manage, we had another one. It really does get easier, though. Don’t sweat it – my 2-year-old disrespects property on a daily basis 🙂


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