Fathers’ Day is all about your two year old

It's Thomas!

It’s Thomas!

We drove three hours or so to Lancaster, Pennsylvania this weekend to experience a Day Out with Thomas. I booked it in February not realizing that it was Fathers’ Day weekend. Last year, my husband went away for the weekend to Atlantic City to see Phish. These two experiences are about as different as they could be, I think.

It was really fun to go on a road trip with the boys. Hugo even behaved reasonably well at Waffle House when we went out for breakfast on Sunday. That is a first!

Shortly after Go woke up on Sunday, I said “Hugo, today is a very special day for Daddy. It’s Fathers’ Day. Oh! And it’s also your half birthday.”

“It’s my birthday!” Hugo exclaimed.

“No, no. It’s actually your half birthday. Today you are two-and-a-half. Today is Daddy’s special–”

“No! It’s my birthday!”

Happy half birthday, Mr. Go. A good time was had by all, even Daddy.



8 thoughts on “Fathers’ Day is all about your two year old

  1. Ha! Did you have to buy him a cake?
    Glad you had fun seeing Thomas! Was it busy? I never can guess if a thing like that will be busy on a holiday or if most people would be doing other things. We went to Six Flags on Saturday instead of yesterday because I just wasn’t sure if it’d be packed for Father’s Day.
    What’d he choose to eat at Waffle House? 🙂


    • Funny, we bought him a cake last year but of course he didn’t understand. I thought it would be good to celebrate something in June because his birthday is very close to Christmas but he’s never short on attention or even presents for that long. Thomas was very busy but he only comes once a year to each stop. Hugo chose a waffle, since he had heard of it. He’s so picky lately! How was Six Flags on Saturday?


      • Six Flags was great! It was partly cloudy, about 90 degrees, nothing to complain about! Just me and the big kids went. We bought season passes so Samuel will go with us in July, when we do the kid/family rides and the water park. 🙂
        Joshua’s birthday is on Christmas Eve, so I know what you mean about wanting to celebrate at another time too. 😉


  2. Golly, that brings back memories! We went to those Day out things on more than one occasion. One year it was so hot Sir Toppham Hat passed out from heat exhaustion! PS, speaking of Thomas, a few posts ago you posted aobut your little boy in his sleep calling out for Gordon and I sooooo laughed at that one! Oh, I miss the Thomas days!! Super cute picture.


    • Oh poor Sir Toppham Hat! And LOL that you spelled his name right. Hugo was equal parts terrified and drawn to him. It was a good day! Thanks. He’s flitting over to Diego a little now for some variety but I hope his imagination comes back to Thomas for a while longer.


  3. This cracked me up. It certainly is always about the 2-year-old! After a while you start to forget what your pre- 2-year-old world was like.

    Also, I didn’t know Phish was still performing. What a fun trip that must have been.


    • We are going to see Phish in our own backyard in Holmdel in a few weeks. Sadly for Daddy we aren’t going on summer tour this time :-), I don’t think it would go over too well with Go.


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