Summer vacation, Phish and changes coming

Phish on the beach

Phish on the beach

There is a frenzy of activity in our lives. I love summer! We took our first family vacation to Atlantic City followed by the first show of Phish summer tour that my husband and I saw together. Oh, and I got a job in the middle of all that (squee!).

Like most people, I never thought of Atlantic City as a wholesome family vacation destination, but we had a blast. We stayed at my parents’ timeshare hotel right on the boardwalk, which went on forever in both directions. Apparently it was the first boardwalk in the US. It also has one of the only free beaches in New Jersey, believe it or not. The photo above shows my husband ready to catch the feed of the Phish show in Saratoga while I chase Hugo around in the background.

The condo had one bedroom where Hugo went to bed each night while we took the pullout couch in the living room. I joined Hugo in the much more comfortable bed when he woke up in the middle of the night, and unfortunately it wasn’t big enough for the three of us. Hugo loved floating around the pool in an inner tubs and floaties, and didn’t go too far into the ocean when we were at the beach because it was so cold!

I found out about my new job the day before we came home. I’m still in happy shock. Exciting job, great company and just at the right time. I’m in a bit of a panic about daycare logistics, since it’s 45 minutes to an hour to commute one way. I also forget how I ever managed to clean anything or run errands when I worked full time. But I trust that everything will work out. I’m so grateful and excited to start.

We came home the next day and got to see Phish at the PNC Bank Arts Center in my old home town. It’s the only show I’m catching this tour, and it really measured up. I used to go to Phish shows around 1995-2000 before taking a big break that ended last summer. It’s different with a child to think about and no paid vacation to boot. But I love the scene and meeting new friends and old. The music can be amazing, too. I’m still proof that you don’t need dope to dance.

Forgive me for not writing three separate posts for all this news, but it was all clamoring to be written at the same time. Here’s to an amazing summer for all the weeks we have left.


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