Ready to work

You're a firework

You’re a firework

While we were on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I got a call telling me I’d gotten a great contract job, right at the eleventh hour. I am very excited about the job but it’s farther from home than I’ve ever commuted before and I have been battling anxiety about what life will be like for Hugo.

My last job was an idyllic 15 minute commute from home and this one is probably 45 minutes unless there is (not improbably) an accident or shore traffic. Hugo’s school is open from 7 to 6. When I was at my last job, I dropped him off around 8:15 and picked him up at 5:30. Starting next week, I will have to drop him off at around 7:00 and hope to pick him up by 6:00. My husband often gets home before then but it’s hard to predict when he will have to work late or hit traffic himself. Maybe it won’t take as long as I think. And maybe my manager will let me take a half hour lunch instead so I can come in a little later.

Hugo has a best friend at school whose parents I have never met. He gets dropped off around 7 (so the sign in sheet says) and picked up after I get Hugo. I have mixed feelings about this. My stomach twists in sympathy and guilt at the long hours but then I’m glad his friend will be there for him all through the long day. It took a while, but Hugo adjusted and grew to like school very much. He gets lots of attention because the teachers all love him.

The director took me aside yesterday and told me she recommends that he “skip a grade” in the fall and move into the next class with his friends who are 3. So he will be in preschool in September! I’m so proud of him for all he’s learned, especially socially. We talked about getting to school early when Mommy starts her new job so I guess we’re both as ready as we’ll ever be. I’m sure it will be fine.


16 thoughts on “Ready to work

  1. Congrats on the new job! That’s exciting!!
    It’s nice that Hugo has a friend that will be there when he is. 🙂 Maybe you could meet the parents and plan for a weekend playdate sometime so you could feel even better about how much time he is spending with the friend. (Does that make sense at all? Idk, I’m a bit tired – lol) 😉


  2. Christie if you run into problems don’t forget I only babysit until 3:30 M – F I can help you or Rick out if something happens.


  3. Oh parenting is such a tough gig! I remember I was feeling guilty about something when I was pregnant and a colleague said to me “get used to that feeling. as a mother you will feel it for the rest of your life”. Given that Hugo already goes to the school AND has a friend there I’m sure he will make the transition more easily than you imagine. Young children are such resilient little things. The main thing kids need is LOVE and it sounds like he is getting that in spades. Try not to forget that. I do feel for you though. It is a tough one.


  4. I totally get the guilt thing going. I’ve just started a course which ends at 10pm so I get home at 11pm on Mondays. At least you know Hugo will be having fun in school and he’s in good hands 🙂


  5. That’s great news about the job. The day care situation is hard, but it’s good to know that he enjoys it and also has a friend there. Will you be working every day?


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