No gender confusion here

Emily really knows her stuff

Emily’s feminine mystique

I’ve mentioned before that Hugo will name himself after one of the Thomas and Friends trains and periodically switch it up. He was James for the longest time, but for the past few days he’s been Caitlin.

This was the second time  he chose a feminine train name. He was Emily for a while and it didn’t even occur to me to tell him Emily is a girl’s name, and you’re a boy, etc. I did explain to strangers when he introduced himself, though.

We were on our way home from school the other day, and Hugo said “my name is not Hugo, it’s Caitlin.”

I thought for a minute and said, “You know Caitlin is a girl’s name–”

“No, I’m the engine,” he impatiently explained. Ah yes, Caitlin is an engine, not a girl after all.

18 thoughts on “No gender confusion here

  1. That sounds so cute. My daughter often wants me to be the “king” when we are pretending. It doesn’t occur to her what gender I am or what gender a king would be.


  2. I love it! How in the world would children know which names are masculine and which are feminine? And give those names to trains (which don’t where clothes), and you’ve got non-gender characters! 😉


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