Postcard exchange!


My friend Valerie from Atlantamomofthree had a great idea to exchange postcards with fellow bloggers. This lovely card from Atlanta comes from Valerie herself.

I love her blog because it is always positive and never judgmental even though I suspect she has some pretty strong opinions about things. I’ve never known anyone to write so gently about vaccines and circumcision, just to name a couple of hot button topics.

Valerie was the first blogger to really engage with me on WordPress. I’ve been writing on Long Live Go for more than two years and it never occurred to me to explore the WordPress community until she reached out, so I really owe her!

Atlanta is sort of my home away from home since my brother and his family live there. It’s a wonderful part of the country and the city is lucky to have such a great mom, wife and homeschooler in their community in Valerie.


3 thoughts on “Postcard exchange!

  1. Thank you, Christie!
    Haha, you are right about me having strong opinions!! 😉 BUT, it is not ever my goal to force my views on other people PLUS I love hearing new views and ways of doing things. I have also learned so much about things I thougt I knew (but didn’t!), so blogging has been a great learning experience for me. In more ways than one.
    I’m so glad you and I met!! ❤


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