No heavy lifting…

Please get in your car seat?

Please get in your car seat?

I had my Nuchal Transluency (NT) scan last week at the maternal fetal medicine specialist you get referred to if you’re over 35. It’s a detailed ultrasound where they measure baby body parts to make educated recommendations for further genetic testing. The doctor didn’t come into the room with us, but supposedly watched on a monitor in his office where we met with him about 15 minutes later. Everything was fine, he thought, but almost as an afterthought he said I shouldn’t do any heavy lifting for the next 2-3 weeks.

“Oh, but my son is 30 pounds. Can I still carry him?” I asked.

“You can hold him on your lap, but don’t carry him around the house.”

Ah. Um. When do I not carry Hugo around? It’s true he can go anywhere he needs to go on his own power, but often not at the speed I want him to. And if we’re in public, not in the direction I want him to. And not that I brought it up or anything, but standing up from the floor while holding him felt kind of bad in the abdominal area lately anyway.

The results of not picking Hugo up are mixed.

  • I’m surprised and proud that he will go where he needs to go even if he doesn’t want to, such as to get a diaper change, or to the car to go to school in the morning.
  • Things take longer because I can’t just scoop him up to expedite. I have to explain and convince.
  • Hugo cries because he’s so sad that I can’t pick him up, even when he’s holding my hand walking to where we need to go.

So many changes for our family already! We’re still adjusting to my job schedule. I’m not pushing Hugo to make any more big changes as far as co-sleeping or weaning at this sensitive time. He was sick with a stomach virus last week and temporarily nursed more frequently, but we’re back down to once a day during the week. Next month we’re going to get him a twin bed to replace the toddler sized one so I can try to help him stay in his room all night before someone new is sleeping in his spot in our bed.

I miss holding him and being able to override his reservations or protests in a straightforward physical way. But it’s good practice for when I won’t be able to carry him because I’m carrying a very small sibling around.


15 thoughts on “No heavy lifting…

  1. That has to be such a change for you both with him walking everywhere! Samual still needs to be carried sometimes (his desire, or necessity in public) so I can well imagine how that’d be! *HUGS*


  2. We dealt with this too. My dd was exactly 2 the day we found out I was carrying twins and the very first thing my doctor said was no lifting. I sobbed. I couldn’t put her to bed anymore (still in her crib). I couldn’t do bath. I could barely buckle her seatbelt. Pregnancy restrictions are hard. You just don’t realize how much you life your kids! Hang in there momma.


  3. We did the same with Megan. Got her into a bed before the cot was needed. Much easier for them to deal with the change before a new little person steals all the limelight! Good luck with it 🙂


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