Oh, you’re showing!

15 weeks of belly

15 weeks of belly

It’s been a couple of days without nausea, for the most part. Baby still has my diet pretty much flipped completely around but I’m trying not to stress about it. I gained 60 pounds with Hugo and eventually lost 68 so I know I can do it. It does make me sad to pack up all my skinny clothes for the next couple of chapters in my life!

I’m a little put off by missing all the fun things I wanted to do outside in the beautiful weather this weekend. I felt like I missed half the summer due to exhaustion and sickness, but I finally feel pretty good! Yesterday got sacrificed to errands that we don’t have time to do during the week, but today was a bust due to nap fail. After trying to get Hugo to go down for almost an hour, I needed a nap myself. Of course he’s sleeping now (at 5:30 p.m.) and I should be folding laundry and cleaning the bathroom because my mom is coming to visit. I’m not sure what other working moms’ cleaning schedules look like, but work + first trimester has meant I usually sweep the floor once a week and do laundry.

Not napping at nap time.

Not napping at nap time.

Work is not kicking my ass quite as much now, though the commute has gotten much worse since school opened. I feel like I can take the stairs now, and don’t huff and puff with the weight of a laptop and a backpack full of the day’s provisions. On Friday, I bumped into a coworker in the hall who said, “Oh, you’re showing!” which is a relief in a way. But I’m sure I’ve been showing for at least two months now. Last week was my first pregnancy conversation with a stranger, as well so I must be looking different.

Big brother update: Hugo can suddenly count to 17, recognize many letters and to our surprise, some sight words, too. He still needs to nap every day but it can end up being at 4:30 if I miss the window (grrr). We experienced some backlash this weekend from when I went away to visit a friend earlier in the week. It came in the form of hostility towards Daddy (poor Daddy).


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