The candy you keep for yourself


I got a box of Dots at the grocery store yesterday. Hugo has never had Dots. They’re artificially colored and he doesn’t brush his teeth as well as an adult does, so they don’t seem like a good choice for a two and a half year old. I left them on top of the microwave, well out of Go reach.

This afternoon, Hugo was playing in the basement. I heard some soft sounds in the kitchen, but assumed they were from my husband. Then Hugo comes strolling into the living room holding the box of Dots with several in his fist and several more in his mouth. He and I both burst out laughing. “These are mine,” he said, but didn’t protest when I took the box away.

“I need more candy,” he said, after I put them up in a much higher place.

“Well, that’s the problem with candy,” I explained. “You can only have a little bit but they make you want more and more.”

“I want my red one,” he said. He went back into the kitchen and grabbed the red Dot he had stashed under the microwave. Where do they learn this stuff?


6 thoughts on “The candy you keep for yourself

  1. LOL! Wow, he is a talker, and very clever!!
    I used to love Dots (they bother my jaw now, though, so I don’t eat them). I still love gummy bears! Samuel has had marshmallows and tried (and rejected) chocolate – weirdo!! – and will eat off our desserts a little, but I’m holding off on giving him candy. He was given a sucker after his doctor appt on Friday and he enjoyed it for about 30 seconds before he decided it was no good. Haha
    How awesome would it be if he rejects junk?! lol Yeah, right. He loves Doritos… 😛


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