Another Phish show for baby

What a show!

What a show!

My husband and I got to go to our third Phish show together this year in Atlantic City on Saturday night. We actually had an overnight date! It is indeed a momentous occasion since I am quite sure I won’t be going to any more shows for a couple of years – Hugo was two when I went to my first one in 13 years.

You may remember we went to see Phish over the summer after our vacation. It turned out that I was pregnant for that show, too but didn’t know it yet. This time I was very well aware of baby.

For some background, I began going to Phish shows in 1995 after Jerry Garcia died. Before that, I went to see the Grateful Dead with my friends, beginning in high school. I never traveled too far or took time off of work or school. But going to shows was important to me and I was happy to connect with Phish after the Dead were no more. Since 1991, all of my shows have been sober experiences, which shows you how great the music and energy is. I did travel to some summer festivals and special shows but didn’t have a great time at my last show in Big Cypress, Florida for New Year’s 2000. I thought I had moved into a new phase of my life and did not expect to return.

This is Phish’s 30th year and they sound amazing. My husband and I went to MSG to see them on New Year’s last year and I could not believe the energy, precision, enthusiasm and good health of the band, for that matter. It was an incredible experience. Of course, my boobs kind of ached from not nursing on time and Hugo woke up many times before we got home at 4 a.m. Being a mommy is not a carefree existence. I had no desire to “go on tour” and spending money makes me nervous.

The show this past Saturday was just incredible. I have been feeling better lately at almost 21 weeks into this pregnancy, but I get tired easily and still have my queasy days. I wasn’t sure how it was going  to go. My wonderful mom came from Arizona to visit and allow us to be away from Hugo overnight. I didn’t have to worry about him, or the cost of paying a sitter overnight.

What a fun date

What a fun date

We took rickshaws back and forth from the hotel to the venue so I wouldn’t get too tired. Friends of ours brought us over to much better seats for most of the show and the sound was amazing. I had my tired moments but easily rallied by the end. The worst part was the cigarette smoke in my hair, clothes and up my nose. I was still smelling it more than a day later. Baby seemed to enjoy the show, though. I will be happy to tell him the stories and play his first shows for him when he’s a little older.


2 thoughts on “Another Phish show for baby

  1. Aww, so fun! Glad you and the “boys” had a good time!! I rode roller coasters when I was pregnant with Joshua (before I knew 😉 ), so he thinks that’s pretty cool now. haha


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