Peer pressure for preschoolers a good thing?

Preschool classroom

Littlest conformists

I have a deep respect for teachers, early childhood or otherwise. Being a pretty crunchy mom in some ways, I’ve considered home schooling in an abstract sense, or at least felt some guilt twinges for not actively considering it for my family. According to internet rumblings and criticisms: Doesn’t a school setting just serve to crush all of your child’s creativity? Force him into a mold that will leave him ill-prepared to succeed at life? Possibly label him as abnormal due to perfectly natural little boy tendencies to be active?

Well, we don’t exactly have unlimited resources to explore other opportunities, but I’m keeping a close eye on Hugo to see how he changes as he enters preschool. The good news is, there have been some positive changes that I attribute to peer pressure. And I’m hoping for more.


Hugo was pretty quick to learn his letters, but he had preferences and favorites. He liked E and W to the point where he wouldn’t acknowledge M’s existence but would turn it upside down and relabel it W. After a very short time joining the preschool group in his daycare, he told us his name was spelled H-U-G-O and could somehow read both upper and lowercase letters. This was about a month before he turned three.


Hugo can be difficult to deal with at times. He’s rebellious and sensitive and often doesn’t comply when asked to do things like let us change his diaper. The threat of a time out almost always does the trick, especially if we start to count to three. He runs to his room! And if he does get a time out at school, he talks about it for days. I can’t help but think that this is influenced by embarrassment to some extent.

Potty training?

It’s not a prerequisite for a child at Hugo’s school to be potty trained, but I hope that watching his friends use the potty will help him to become more interested. He’s had bouts of using the potty in the past but no consistency. He doesn’t want to be bothered.

To be continued… we’ll see what other effects peer pressure has on Hugo as he starts preschool full time in the new year.


9 thoughts on “Peer pressure for preschoolers a good thing?

  1. I am really interested in seeing how this plays out for you. I have been having the same internal debate about my three year old and preschool and what I want to do. Unfortunately being potty trained is required here and Alex doesn’t seem to interested in that right now.


  2. My daughter is turning 3 this March and she will be going to pre-school by June next year and I’m actually pretty excited! I’m just happy that she has been potty trained for sometime now so that one is checked off my list. I am more concerned about how she will interact with the other kids since she is used to be being the baby in our family.
    Good luck to us! 🙂


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