Please put your head back down!

Transverse lie

Lots of good things are happening. I’m 33 weeks pregnant now and feeling good. My job is wrapping up and I’ve had time to obsessively clean and throw things away in accordance with my nesting instincts. My husband is opening his own real estate and family law practice in about a month! And.. I found out Tuesday that this baby is no longer in position to be born naturally.

One evening last week, I was lying on my bed when I felt the baby do some major moving. I never know which hard lump is which body part. I didn’t give it much thought, but apparently he changed from his proper head-down position to transverse, or sideways across my uterus. My midwives told me this at my exam on Tuesday.

I got a typed sheet of suggestions on things I can do to help baby get back to where he needs to be before I go into labor. This is similar to breech position, which of course I had heard of before. So, I did pelvic rocks. I tried to reason with him. I visualized babies with their heads down and looked at pictures. I had to find a new chiropractor who was trained in the Webster technique for helping babies to turn around. The technique has shown a success rate of 82% in getting babies to present  head-down, so it was a no-brainer. That was interesting.

I’m optimistic and everything, but the clock is ticking. So I had to get an appointment ASAP. My regular chiropractor, who I’ve seen a couple of times recently for hip pain, is not trained in this technique. I called two places my midwife had recommended and got an appointment the next day.

The chiropractic appointment was very thorough, uncomfortable (involving stretching out ligaments in the belly area) and expensive (What do you mean you’re not in network for Horizon!). Very nice people, though. I am going back on Monday evening before seeing the midwife on Tuesday to check baby’s hopefully improved position.

Hugo had to come with me to the chiropractor. He was incredibly good, considering we were there for almost two hours. Unfortunately, he pooped in his diaper about an hour into the appointment and I had no supplies on me. That poor little office probably still stinks.

I’m still shining a light down low on my belly and my husband, Hugo and I are all trying to convince him to put his head down. Did you know that transverse position only occurs in 1 out of 2,500 births? I was just told I should go play the lottery.


15 thoughts on “Please put your head back down!

  1. Don’t worry! Most second babies don’t turn head down until much later in the pregnancy. With the twins Baby A did not turn head down until sometime between 37-38 weeks! The doctors wanted to schedule a C section but I had faith she would turn on her own when she was ready (baby B was transverse but that’s okay with twins). 33 weeks still gives plenty of time. I read about all the things you can do to “make” them turn, but I don’t know if any of them really work. I think if they did my doctor would have suggested trying them. Good luck.


  2. I’m glad to hear such a good report! XO

    I know that major baby-shifting you’re talking about because Samuel did that too! More than once, in fact. 🙄 He was, thankfully, turned properly by the time I went into labor, but I was a bit concerned before he stayed put! 😉


  3. I am very familiar with this situation. Our son turned breech at almost the last minute after having been head down only days before. Don’t ask me how a 22 inch baby managed to flip over I really had no idea. I did end up having to deliver by cesarean because I was within only a couple of days of my due date and they didn’t want to chance it.

    I know the thought of a cesarean is probably terrifying, but even if it eventually comes to that, know that it will be okay. Recovery is slower, and there is more discomfort afterward than with a normal birth, but that is perfectly normal. Having a healthy baby is the ultimate goal in everything, and know that the doctors and nurses will do all they can to make sure both you and the baby have the best possible outcome.

    I will keep my fingers crossed that things will happen the way you want them to, but if they don’t, accept hugs from someone who has been there, and knows you can make it through just fine as well.


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