Eight months pregnant and counting down

I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant. Baby’s head is back down where it belongs (yay!) after some chiropractic work and funny-looking exercises. My last day at work was Friday and I am in nesting overdrive.

My husband is opening his own law office, so we are home together this week. Today we played “furniture Tetris” in preparation for putting the bassinet in our bedroom. One of our dressers is now in the living room, looking pretty good! I don’t have that much left to do, or clean. In fact here’ a short list:

  • Finish compiling my home birth preparation kit. Not planning a water birth, but I still needed a bunch of supplies.
  • Paint the dresser that is now in the living room.
  • Get the Tdap vaccine along with my husband and my mom, too, as soon as I tell her about it.
  • Shuffle Hugo’s health records around to the new pediatrician I chose for him and his brother.

There are a few other things I have to take care of, like tweaking our new health insurance policy and getting our tax stuff ready. I’m also working on getting my husband’s website redesigned in time for his grand opening March 1. I hope I really do have four weeks left before the baby comes. It’s going to be busy!


6 thoughts on “Eight months pregnant and counting down

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  2. Haha, furniture Tetris – I love it!! Will never be able to not think of it that way again. 😉

    I hope you’re doing well (sorry, I know it’s been some days since this post!) but I am so glad to hear baby is turned properly! Good luck on the big day!!!!!!!!!!!! XO Keep us posted.


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