Should have kept my mouth shut

Jack sleeping in bed

Yes, Laugh. Everything is perfect

Yesterday I was foolish enough to blog about how great things are going at night, after a bit of a rocky start. Last night I was reminded why it’s a terrible idea to tell everyone how great my children are sleeping.

After weeks of finally sleeping through the night, Hugo woke up crying at 4:00 a.m. and called me into his room. Jack was asleep next to me with my arm around him. He wasn’t due to wake up for a couple of hours but he wouldn’t sleep through me getting in and out of bed so I just brought him with me. I tucked Hugo back in and kissed him, telling him I couldn’t lie down with him because Jack was with me (thank goodness that worked) and brought Jack back to bed.

I changed his diaper because he was already wide awake at this point. Jack nursed back to sleep but then kept thrashing himself awake because I ate a pepper and egg wrap for dinner. It was gassy so he was gassy. He and I went back to sleep around 5:15 but he woke up at 5:45 for good.

So much for my post about how well I’m sleeping now that Hugo doesn’t wake up – his sticker chart was so successful! I guess we need another one. I’ll have to decide if and when to tell you about everyone’s restful nights once they start happening again.

7 thoughts on “Should have kept my mouth shut

  1. Oh, ouch! I hate when that happens! The same thing occurred with Samuel after I posted about our way of doing timeout – it all of a sudden flopped! BUT the issue was resolved in about a week. 😉 I hope the same is true for you guys!! ❤


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