Everyone needs Mommy


Sick Hugo with Teddy

Poor sick Mr. Go

We’ve been kicking around the idea of baby #3 since immediately after Jack was born, because BABIES! Hugo is sick with a low-grade fever right now, and it’s made me question how other moms do it with more than two kids.

Hugo doesn’t get sick very often, but he can’t function with any sort of fever. I always ended up holding him until the ibuprofen or Tylenol kicked in. He would also sleep next to me (as usual) and I would get him water and more medicine in the middle of the night when his fever returned. I don’t know what to do with a sick Hugo while I’m taking care of my 4 month old.

Jack doesn’t have the fever yet, so we’ve instructed Hugo that he can’t come too close or touch the baby. It’s hard on him because he loves his brother. And I can’t hold Hugo while I’m holding Jack. Hugo has been a really good sport about it but I wish I could be there for him more.

Two nights ago, he came into our bedroom while Jack was asleep and I was able to extricate myself without waking him. I felt Hugo’s feverish little body and got him ibuprofen and laid down until he fell asleep. But 15 minutes later he was back and now Jack was nursing so I couldn’t get up. My husband laid down with Hugo in his bed for a few minutes, then I went back in and stayed until the medicine kicked in and he was asleep for good. Musical beds, right? But last night I just let Hugo into our bed, which meant that I didn’t sleep much. It’s just not big enough for four people.

So I can’t just mother the little one who is sick right now, because I have an infant who needs me a lot of the time. How does this work with three kids? Or if two of them are sick? I know I have my husband to help, but they both want Mommy and Rick doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night very well. This has been a pretty good argument for sticking with two children.


6 thoughts on “Everyone needs Mommy

  1. It’s a lot like juggling, isn’t it? Two are all I can manage, and I’m not sure how people do with more, although it probably helps that they are staggered in age. Unless you are having a baby every year or two, the older ones tend to be a bit more self sufficient.

    Sweet boy – I hope he feels better!


    • Thanks! He’s taking a long nap that I’m sure we’ll pay for later. I’m definitely still learning how to take care of 2, but they are pretty good about waiting for me when I’m with the other one


  2. Sorry to hear that Hugo is sick :(. I hope he gets better soon. I unfortunately have no tips with regards to what to do with two young children. I’m expecting my second in a couple of weeks now and my son is 20 months old. Needless to say, I’m a bit frightened at how I’ll be able to manage two at the same time. I suppose though that all you can do is just do what you can.


    • I feel better about it now. The kids adjust to waiting their turn, and someone reminded me that that is a good thing for them to learn. I think it was more my issue of feeling like I couldn’t give him everything I wanted to give :-). Congrats on your second! I can’t wait to hear all about him or her.


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