Pink eye

I’ve had pink eye for a week now. Of course it spread to the other eye. No one else in my house has it. This may have been caused by a head cold and wearing contact lenses, I was told.

Confession: I never take my contacts out except when I change them for fresh ones. I had a pair of glasses made when I was pregnant with my first, because I was told I had to take my contacts out during labor (in case I “needed an emergency C section”) but I managed to leave them in anyway. Another reason I wanted a home birth the second time! I hate, hate, hate taking my contacts out. I am so nearsighted that I feel completely handicapped. I told my husband I feel like he should just lead me by the hand into a dark corner and I will sit there scowling at everyone.

I can’t see with glasses. I’m just not used to it. I trip over the floor, step on the cat, fall down the stairs holding the cat, and really shouldn’t be driving. This prescription isn’t quite strong enough but I’m just not used to the loss in peripheral vision. Also my eyes have been reduced to pus-filled slits and I’m super-sensitive to light. Yes, I’m doing my best not to drive.

When I went to urgent care on Monday, I got antibiotic drops for my eyes, which did nothing. I went back to the clinic yesterday and was told it’s probably viral, and I should go to the ophthalmologist if I still have symptoms Monday or Tuesday. But today there was finally some improvement! We also went all week without a washing machine, which is not too hygienic when you have pink eye. I’ve been waiting for it to get better before I do any number of things that are piling up.

But my eyes are kind of drying out now, so I can stop panicking. I’m almost used to my glasses now, too. I’ll even let you see a gross picture.



I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


4 thoughts on “Pink eye

  1. Hi Christie! The best thing to do is use hot compresses and soak them every few hours. Lydia used to get them as a kid and that made them go away quickly. Use boiling water. Pour into a teacup. Dip a wash cloth in the hot water and then put it directly on the closed eye. Try and use the wash cloth as hot as possible. Works like a charm! She also switched to daily contact lenses and hasn’t had an issue since.


    • Thanks, Amy! I’m finally on the other side, I think but I will give it a try. I hope it doesn’t come back with my weekly lenses. I just can’t get used to not being able to see (even in the middle of the night).


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