Jack is in a toddler bed

Sleeping in his toddler bed


Jack just turned 9 months old. We brought up the recently-retired toddler bed a couple of weeks ago to replace the pack and play that Jack never slept in.  

We had a bassinet in our bedroom when Jack was newborn, and he would sleep in that. I would bring him into bed with me the first time he woke up after I went to bed, just like I did with Hugo. There was a major difference between Hugo and Jack that I didn’t realize at first: Jack is a super-light sleeper. Jack’s morning naps were epic – I nursed him to sleep in my bed, then carefully got up. He would sleep two to three hours then wake up and play with his toes. He outgrew the bassinet very quickly. We put up the pack and play in our bedroom some time over the summer, but Jack would always wake up as I put him down. Unless I timed it perfectly by holding him for 18 minutes after he fell asleep, but he’d wake up again pretty soon after that.

I learned from Hugo’s infancy not to make myself crazy trying to get Jack to sleep in his own bed. All I accomplished with Hugo was spending hours upon hours in the dark nursing him to sleep before carefully transferring him to the crib. Then repeat every hour until after I went to bed and just took him in with me. Jack’s always been welcome in our bed. I do like to stretch out for a bit when I go to bed though, so I’m glad he’s found another (safer) place to sleep.

About a month ago, Jack started waking up and immediately sitting up or crawling. I listen carefully to the baby monitor, but there was no way I could be sure to get in there before Jack managed to crawl off the edge of the bed. I decided to bring up the toddler bed that was just packed away about a year ago. It took a week or so, but Jack sleeps pretty well in it. It’s not as easy for me to extricate myself after he falls asleep, and it’s not nearly as attractive as curling up with Jack on my bed, but at least it’s very close to the floor. I showed him how to get out a bunch of times, but still rush to him when I hear him wake up. Now if we’re very quiet at our bedtime, Jack will stay in his bed until 12 or 1. That’s all I wanted. I’m sure he and Hugo will be sleeping together in a year or so.


5 thoughts on “Jack is in a toddler bed

  1. What a sweetie. I think you made a wise move. I didn’t have my children sleeping with me regularly, but each one did take a dive off my bed and landed on the floor below, and it is a long way down!


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