No, he’s the Silver Surfer

Superheroes at work

Making the world safe

I love it when Hugo assigns the role of a superhero to his baby brother Jack. The first time I remember it happening, Hugo was playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Hugo was Raphael, my husband became Leonardo and I was Donatello.  Jack was crawling around good-naturedly, wanting to be near Hugo. By virtue of his lightning-fast reflexes and Zen-like calm, baby Jack had naturally become Master Splinter. 

So we’ve been through a succession of hero identities. Hugo was the Flash, the Hulk, the Falcon; Jack was Captain America and the Green Lantern. I just find it hilarious that Jack has no say in this and is probably delighted by his role. I especially loved when Hugo was Batman and Jack was Robin. Hugo put one of Jack’s bibs on backwards to look like a cape, and at 11 months old Jack has been trying to duplicate it with his pajamas ever since.

This evening, Jack was standing on the couch next to me, good naturedly banging on the wall and yelling something. “Pretty!” Hugo called me (that’s my girl super hero identity), “we have to set a trap for Dr. Doom!”

“OK, Falcon,” I said, “I just have to read this book to Captain America first.”

“That’s not Captain America. He’s the Silver Surfer.” Of course he is.

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