Who is this 15 month old guy?


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Jack is 15 months old, and his personality has recently changed. A lot. From birth, I would describe Jack as easygoing, good-natured, mellow. Now along with his new toddler superpowers like climbing and speaking, he’s developing an attitude.

Just the look he gets when he’s climbing something and he hears me shout “No!” Kind of raises his eyebrows and smirks, continues climbing. I finally had to gate off the kitchen because he kept climbing the drawers and grabbing stuff off the counter or from the sink. He also climbs the stove now, though fortunately not when it was hot.

He’s suddenly developing jealousy when I hug my husband or hold Hugo in my lap. Jack will start to cry and try to squirm his way into my arms.

Jack sometimes arches and cries when it’s time to go in the car, or gleefully throws everything he can reach on the floor.  He is starting school/day care in September. Though he’s just started expressing separation anxiety recently, I think he’s going to love it. He adores going to school to pick up Hugo, running down the hall to the room with the blue door. Greeting all of Hugo’s four-year-old friends who love to play with babies.

But he’s still my squish! I can tell by the way he relaxes against me when he’s sleepy, surrendering to the responsible force that is Mom.



4 thoughts on “Who is this 15 month old guy?

  1. omgosh, I typed ‘separation anxiety’ into the search and your blog came up first- I am SO GLAD that I am not the only one who has a former sweet, easy-going child that has suddenly TURNED into something else!

    XO I am right there with you!

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