Mommy and Jack’s special day

Jack in the, you know

The caption writes itself

Jack started school in September as my work schedule became busy enough to justify regular childcare, but he doesn’t go on Tuesdays. I think these special days when it’s just the two of us have almost come to an end.

I noticed this morning just how much Jack has brought his school schedule home with him. The way he plays with his toys, the times he gets hungry, even how he is having a hard time nursing to sleep at nap time – all indicate to me that he’s happy and well-adjusted with his school schedule and friends. It warms my heart, like the first time Jack insisted on popping into his classroom when we picked up his brother on a Tuesday when he didn’t have school. It makes me feel like good decisions were made and floods me with relief.

Today, I’m looking at a few deadlines that may have sailed by, and sketching out my work schedule for the rest of the week. Is my workload this week going to be typical of the next month or two? Can I keep Jack home with me on Tuesdays until the new year, maybe? I can still pick him up early on days when I don’t have a lot going on, right?

Jack is an increasingly-independent squish, nearly 20 months old.


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