Registered for kindergarten



I’m late writing about this, and I almost missed the registration week altogether last month. Hugo is registered to start kindergarten in the fall.

We live right around the corner from the school, and I noticed in past years that they put “Kindergarten Registration” with dates up on their sign in March some time. I don’t drive that way much these days, so I had no idea and no curiosity until my husband walked past the school on the Wednesday of registration week. I was holding out hope that we were going to move before September, but I’m probably kidding myself.

After much scrambling for documents and filling out many forms, I stopped into the school on Friday morning. It was a completely new experience for me. Although everyone I spoke with (office admin, principal, school nurse) was warm and friendly, no one tried to “sell” me on the school.

I’ve toured and explored many day cares and preschools, and it never occurred to me that it would be different with public school. There’s nothing to sell, but also no tuition cost.

Our hopes for kindergarten

As of now, Hugo is excited for kindergarten because no one will tell him what he can and can’t eat (his preschool provides food), and is upset and nervous about taking the bus. I look forward to no nap time, so Hugo won’t be staring at the walls of his bedroom at 10:15 pm after taking an afternoon nap.

I wondered a bit about programs and services after I left. I guess Hugo and I will figure it out as we go along.



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