Adulting on the weekend


I usually shake my head when people talk about how hard “adulting” is. That ship sailed for me a long time ago. When did I spend my time doing what I wanted without layers upon layers of responsibility, not to mention actual people who depend on me for basic necessities? First of all, this meme is awesome. And it turns out that there are some things about being an adult (and mom) that still puzzle me.

I only have a certain amount of energy available during the week. After work, there’s a frantic series of activities that sucks up all time and evening energy like a whirlpool: make dinner, yell at kids for not behaving, attempt communication with spouse, give baths, take shower, put children to bed, and fall asleep. Sometimes the kids stay awake longer than I do.

I love spring and summer evenings when it doesn’t get dark until late. I vaguely remember actually leaving the house to enjoy the extra daylight at some point in my life but it hasn’t happened lately.


So that brings me to the weekend! Summer weekends, where I get to make up for all the time I spent not having fun and doing fun activities with my husband and children during the week.

Oh, but also getting all my errands done and cleaning the house that no one had time to do anything other than pick up the really large chunks of food off the floor all week, and do all the laundry, spend half a day grocery shopping, have you seen my overgrown garden and yard, and yell at the kids for trying kill each other because they’re bored.


This guinea pig understands me

I’m kind of dazed on Saturday. I want to rest and knock a couple of things off the to do list. So, sometimes I wake up on Sunday feeling rested! And I want to do something fun with my family, but I waited too long to make plans so we’re stuck at home with the adults looking fearfully at each other as our children devolve into zoo animals literally bouncing off the furniture and trying out wrestling moves on each other because they were stuck at home for two (or three if it’s a holiday weekend) days.

Maybe I can set an alarm on my phone for Wednesday at noon to remind myself to make plans for the weekend. Sunday would be good, or Saturday night if I have no choice. And leave time for naps.


2 thoughts on “Adulting on the weekend

  1. Through the years I have realized that many others are the same – forgetting about what really matters as they get caught up in “making a living”. I have had lots of last minute fun, dialing a friend for plans the same day/night, finding a park with trails, kayaks, jungle gyms- packing lunches – playing “eye spy” – making memories!

    Keep it simple or phone a friend…many don’t have plans either!


    • thanks, Lisa! I always appreciate your perspective. Sometimes I feel like my friends and I are in different orbits with all the stuff we’re juggling. But I don’t feel bad just taking the kids to a park because that’s all they really want, anyway. 🙂


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