About us

My son Hugo (or Go) was my first inspiration to blog. He’s now five and I have a two year old son named Jack.

There’s more to me than what I blog, but I’m trying to be more three dimensional. I love being a mommy to my boys but I also loved going back to work when Hugo was almost two. I enjoy freelance copy writing and social media management from home with Jack while Hugo is in preschool.

Everyone wants to find people who are like her, and I’m no exception. I parent on the crunchy side (breastfeeding, co-sleeping, allowing my children to wean at their own pace, attachment parenting), I am a vegetarian and raise my children as vegetarians, I practice mantric meditation and follow Advaita Vedanta philosophy through attendance and study at the School of Practical Philosophy, where I have also studied and adored Sanskrit.

I don’t take myself too seriously and try very hard not to criticize others or myself.

Come hang out on Twitter, because I tweet a lot more than I blog.




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