It’s easier just to stay home


Summer’s here at the Jersey Shore! There’s so much going on in our community, even within walking distance. This weekend is River Fest in Red Bank, an outdoor jazz and food festival. On this beautiful, sunny day, we opted against River Fest and took Hugo to run around Flowering Field Farm, my dad’s farm, instead.

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Playground aggression

Hugo on the rock wall

NOT king of the mountain

More Mommy embarrassment when I took Hugo to the playground on Tuesday. It was pretty crowded and I confess I was distracted by a phone call. I hadn’t spoken with my mom in almost a week, including her birthday, so I picked up when she called. Hugo was at the top of the rock wall when another boy approached him. He was at least 3 and much bigger than Hugo. The next thing I knew the boy was flying through the air, landed expertly on his feet and burst into tears. Hugo had pushed him off the wall.

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