Sleeping through the night at two and a half

Is it time to box up the monitor?

Is it time to box up the monitor?

I didn’t want to jinx it, but it seems Mr. Go is now sleeping through the night at least half the time since last week. He is just shy of two and a half and not weaned. I am happy and relieved that he’s doing it all by himself, but I confess I haven’t been able to enjoy it yet!

I still wake up at the times he was likely to cry for me to get him and bring him into bed with us. He’s in a toddler bed now, but I always promptly ran in when he cried because he was capable of climbing out of his crib and I didn’t want him to try. I did tell him just to come into our room if he woke up when he made the switch, but he never got it. I guess that would require a level of wakefulness that we don’t really want at 2:30 a.m. It wasn’t a problem since I sleep very lightly after the initial 2 hours.

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