Going into labor

39 weeks pregnant

I’m not in labor. I’m just 39 weeks pregnant today but I’ve felt different over the past few days. And I wonder what it’s going to be like when it starts. I went past 41 weeks with Hugo and ended up being induced. My past experience with drugs and the hospital has influenced my current decision to have this baby at home.

I also haven’t really felt like writing since I was criticized by my first random internet stranger when a friend shared my last post about Hugo’s attachment to his Cars shirts on Facebook. I know I have a pretty sympathetic audience usually, people who know me already in some capacity at least. And I tag my posts with Attachment Parenting and other crunchy-sounding terms that aren’t likely to attract readers who have opinions opposed to mine.

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Eight months pregnant and counting down

I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant. Baby’s head is back down where it belongs (yay!) after some chiropractic work and funny-looking exercises. My last day at work was Friday and I am in nesting overdrive.

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Please put your head back down!

Transverse lie

Lots of good things are happening. I’m 33 weeks pregnant now and feeling good. My job is wrapping up and I’ve had time to obsessively clean and throw things away in accordance with my nesting instincts. My husband is opening his own real estate and family law practice in about a month! And.. I found out Tuesday that this baby is no longer in position to be born naturally.

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