Registered for kindergarten



I’m late writing about this, and I almost missed the registration week altogether last month. Hugo is registered to start kindergarten in the fall.

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As I tried to leave the house – a poem

As I tried to leave the house

After four days with the boys at home

On our way out the door to go to school

I discovered just how much Jack disliked the new strawberry bars

By stepping into a glob with my bare toes

Then spying another close by.


Once we made it to the drive,

With the car in sight and door locked behind,

I found the rest of the strawberry glue

Clinging to Jack’s pants.


He gets Cheerios from now on.

A commuting mommy’s horror story

traffic jam

A typical morning commute

After I drop Hugo off at school around 7:35 in the morning, it takes between 40 minutes and an hour to get to work in rush hour traffic. Some days are worse than others. One morning last week, Hugo made a few grumbles about going to school but was in good spirits and happy to see his friend when I dropped him off.

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