Hang in there, Jack

Jack 13 months

Jack has a tooth coming in up top (#5). It seems to be giving him a lot of trouble. He was up for over an hour in the middle of the night twice last week, which never happens. Yesterday, he was whining and pulling at my legs right after nursing, so I lead him into the kitchen and offered a banana. Catching sight of the fruit, he launched sideways across the room, smacking the cabinet head-first. Maybe the tripping over everything and nothing is growth-spurt related, because that’s also happening a lot now. Jack’s vocabulary has also increased by leaps and bounds this week. As of yesterday, it includes cookie, since he got one when he asked for it by name. This is a big month for him. Hang in there, buddy!

Overheard on Easter


We had a lovely time celebrating Easter with friends yesterday. Hugo mingled and played pretty nicely with the two other kids there (girls aged 3 and almost 4). It was a treat to listen to them talking since he hasn’t been able to converse for very long.

The highlight of the evening for me:

The girls put two dolls in a play stroller, attracting Go’s attention. He comes over and tries to take the stroller.

Go: “No! Mine! I want it.”

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Go knows cars

Hugo fell in love with cars shortly after his first birthday. He would spend literally an hour quietly lining up all of his favorites carefully then move them one by one to a new line across the room. He’s moved on now to more complex scenarios featuring car crashes complete with apologies (“I’m sorry, That One”). He also loves the real thing, and amazed me this week with his ability to identify specific models.

Hugo identifies cars by the person who drives them. He recognized Mommy’s car (a brown VW Passat) a couple of months ago by pointing out a white Volkswagen CC. He now includes Jettas and GTIs, even VW vans and SUVs. Obviously he knows the VW emblem. But when we see an actual Passat, he is much more enthusiastic about the label: Mommy’s car.

Hugo can pick out Lexus SUVs like his babysitter’s as well as Honda Civics like our neighbor’s. He differentiates Honda Accords (Daddy’s car) from Civics, too.

A few days ago we went for a walk and he pointed out an old silver Neon. “Terry’s car,” he said, though Terry’s Neon is dark green and neither had an identifying logo. It seems a toddler’s attention is like a laser beam when it’s something important to him. Will this passion for cars in his second year turn out to be significant later in life?