What my 3 year old will wear

One shirt my son will wear

These are Lightning’s friends

Hugo will only wear one of two shirts now. I understand this is typical 3 year old behavior but I thought I’d write about it to see if anyone has any ideas to make his wardrobe a little more reasonable.

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Can I have your keys, please?

It's Hugo's car

Hugo wants to do everything himself now that he is two-and-a-half. He and I are getting along just fine in this phase. I’m proud of his perception and ability to imitate what he sees me and his father doing. Patience abounds.

Usually when I get home from picking him up at school, I let Hugo climb into the driver’s seat and mess with the controls. He hasn’t pulled off the rearview mirror in over a year, and I can deal with strange stereo settings along with the wipers coming on when I start the car. But last week, it wasn’t enough anymore.

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It’s easier just to stay home


Summer’s here at the Jersey Shore! There’s so much going on in our community, even within walking distance. This weekend is River Fest in Red Bank, an outdoor jazz and food festival. On this beautiful, sunny day, we opted against River Fest and took Hugo to run around Flowering Field Farm, my dad’s farm, instead.

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