Hang in there, Jack

Jack 13 months

Jack has a tooth coming in up top (#5). It seems to be giving him a lot of trouble. He was up for over an hour in the middle of the night twice last week, which never happens. Yesterday, he was whining and pulling at my legs right after nursing, so I lead him into the kitchen and offered a banana. Catching sight of the fruit, he launched sideways across the room, smacking the cabinet head-first. Maybe the tripping over everything and nothing is growth-spurt related, because that’s also happening a lot now. Jack’s vocabulary has also increased by leaps and bounds this week. As of yesterday, it includes cookie, since he got one when he asked for it by name. This is a big month for him. Hang in there, buddy!

A commuting mommy’s horror story

traffic jam

A typical morning commute

After I drop Hugo off at school around 7:35 in the morning, it takes between 40 minutes and an hour to get to work in rush hour traffic. Some days are worse than others. One morning last week, Hugo made a few grumbles about going to school but was in good spirits and happy to see his friend when I dropped him off.

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Hugo’s bedtime routine

Go sleeping on the bed

Deceptively peaceful

Since Hugo was born nearly a year ago, I heard that it’s important to develop a bedtime routine with your baby. Familiar cues help babies get to sleep, and it’s better to get in the habit in the early days before you have to do battle at bedtime later on.

Hugo has never been a great sleeper. I’ve done my best to roll with it and I appreciate the good days. It could be a lot worse. He naps twice a day for about an hour and sleeps about 10 1/2 hours at night with a couple of awakenings. He has a cold this week plus his third tooth (finally!) coming in. I can always think of a half dozen reasons why he’s not sleeping well.

Our bedtime routine has shaped up into bath time on alternate days, putting on PJs, brushing his teeth and some quiet play in a semi darkened living room. Sometimes something backfires and he gets wound up. I hate aborting a bedtime attempt and having to do it all over again. Just when I think he’s winding down and nursing to sleep he sits up and says, “Bye bye!” Spending an hour trying to get him to go down is no fun when my husband is only home for a few hours before bedtime.

Recently, when Hugo’s not very tired at bedtime we started watching his own videos on YouTube. It seems like he recognizes himself, but it’s hard to be sure. He did do an encore of peek-a-boo after we watched this one earlier in the week.

Watching the ones from when he was newborn seem to especially amuse him. Whatever it takes.. maybe I’ll figure out what’s different the nights that he sleeps uninterrupted for hours. I think I hear him popping up now.