No gender confusion here

Emily really knows her stuff

Emily’s feminine mystique

I’ve mentioned before that Hugo will name himself after one of the Thomas and Friends trains and periodically switch it up. He was James for the longest time, but for the past few days he’s been Caitlin.

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Eerie Toddler ESP


There was some weird stuff happening at Cafe Go this week. I think all little kids (and maybe young adults) are more in tune to things we can’t know with our five senses but I have to wonder if my son has some special sort of “shine” about him.

I know this is going to be hard to explain, but here goes. The more recent event is easier than the first one. It almost seems like Hugo can read now because he’s so good at memorizing things we weren’t even aware that he’s been studying. These are mostly Thomas and Friends related videos, pamphlets, etc. He may be starting to recognize letters and words by sight but I don’t think so. He knows what letters are but can’t identify one from another. He knows this says “Thomas and Friends” and will point it out on his socks.

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