Sorting out 2015

Try it! It's New!

Try it! It’s New!

I kept trying to write about Jack’s new toddler bed yesterday, but I was continually thwarted. I will take that as a hint that there’s something more urgent that I should be blogging about. There are lots of things up in the air for our family in the new year (even more than usual).

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He’s running away from us

Today Hugo rejected going for a walk in the sling for the first time. He insisted on getting down and running along the sidewalk by himself. I had always carried him on my hip in the sling until we walked to a relatively safe destination like the park or the beach down the block. When we had walked down the street short distances together I always held his hand.

This evening, my son was having none of that. Thank goodness he seemed to understand when I told him to stay on the sidewalk, and that he must hold my hand when we crossed the street. He then practiced his stair-climbing abilities at the bay wall where there is a little concrete platform next to a desert-themed little “park” consisting of strips of mulch containing of yucca plants and cacti.

He did get tired enough to want to be carried on the way home. One other major loss today – Hugo learned to say “Elmo,” who up until a few hours ago had only been known as “Guy!” in our home. He’s growing up so fast.

You thought this place was baby-proofed?

Hugo peeking out from the couch table

Hugo is into problem solving. It’s fascinating to watch him suddenly take interest in something that he never noticed before. Take the large closet in the living room. It’s our biggest closet, so there are many things in there that are NFG (Not For Gos). For weeks, Hugo didn’t even seem aware that there were doors there. Then one day he saw me go in there for some reason and gave the door a try. I held it shut, and he moved on to the next thing.

We found the appropriate safety latch for those doors just in time. We also moved all of our books up to the third shelf of the bookcase (Hugo loves to eat books). He’s been experimenting with climbing on top of toys to reach higher places, but so far he hasn’t had much success. Thankfully he hasn’t fallen from anywhere he’s scaled.

The largest area in the living room that was Not For Gos was the TV table and coffee table. The TV table contained two Apple TVs, a router, phone, speakers and an amplifier. The coffee table has lots of drawers with various of my husband’s things while his laptop lived on top of the table. A few days ago, Hugo learned how to breach the coffee table by belly-crawling under the futon.

So yesterday, a very angry husband spent the day putting safety latches on all the little coffee table drawers, moving electronics upwards and moving his own perch to the kitchen table. Mr. Go is enjoying the increase in his domain but squawks in frustration when the drawers won’t open.

And for some reason, our friends with children just smile and say “wait,” when we complain about rearranging everything. I wonder what could be next?